Analytics, make the most out of your app/website.

Knowledge is power and to accumulate knowledge you need information. With the advent of the internet and the popularity of social media and cell phones, an extremely large amount of information has become easily accessible. With AI Cognitive analysis or even simple statistical analysis based algorithms, knowledge can be extracted from this information. Companies like… Continue reading Analytics, make the most out of your app/website.


Net Neutrality. Should you be worried?

The issue of Net Neutrality is again gaining significance, with the consequences affecting each and everyone of us. Net Neutrality refers to the fact that the internet is a Neutral Place. Everyone from the housewife with a cooking blog to a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook, enjoy the same rights to traffic and bandwidth. Till… Continue reading Net Neutrality. Should you be worried?

The Importance of End User Experience in Software Development

In every area of business, the end user is given most importance. That is because it is the end user who decides whether a product/service is useful or not. The popularity or success of any application, software or website totally depends on the end user. For this reason user interface and usability is of paramount… Continue reading The Importance of End User Experience in Software Development

Blockchain. A truly free Global Market Economy.

Security has always been the number one concern for everyone since the dawn of humanity. Individuals will gladly give up their basic human rights to keep themselves and their families safe. Every major invention in history, Fire, Steel, Gunpowder, Nuclear weapons and Rocket Propulsion, have been developed in the pursuit of security. Everything else that… Continue reading Blockchain. A truly free Global Market Economy.